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Information and Rates
Canoe and kayak rentals and camping and fishing
outfitters for Sylvania Wilderness Area, Isle Royale,
and the UP of Michigan

Our customers also rent our Kevlar canoes for their Isle Royale trips.

Sylvania Wilderness campsite reservation information

Reservations for campsites can only be made through the site.  You must use this national campsite reservation gateway to reserve your camp site.

There is no place quite like the Sylvania Wilderness Area, nor will there be. Within its 21,000 acres of virgin Northwoods are 36 pristine lakes and 19 ponds. Short portages connect most of them. The only transportation through the Sylvania Wilderness is by foot or canoe.  The magnetic allure of the Northwoods is reminiscent of the bygone days of the frontier when voyageurs traversed by canoe the endless lake chains of the area. Since the turn of the century, Sylvania was a private estate. Its early owners used the area in such a way that it retained its wilderness character. In 1966 it was purchased by the Federal government and is now part of the Ottawa National Forest.

Sylvania is famous for its Catch & Release Bass Fisheries, especially Smallmouth.

There are 21,000 acres of wilderness waiting for you to canoe and kayak the pristine water and to enjoy the camping, hiking, skijoring and cross country skiing! The only transportation through the Sylvania Wilderness is by foot or non-motorized watercraft. The average portage distance between lakes in Sylvania is mile. Light weight canoes will make your canoe trip more enjoyable. We have light weight canoes in aluminum, Royalex and Kevlar. Aluminum canoes have keels and are easier for beginners to steer. Royalex canoes are quieter, and more experienced canoeists have no problem keeping them on line.  There is much to explore and experience in the Sylvania Wilderness Area of Michigan's Upper Peninsula and Sylvania Outfitters knows how to get you there...and back! This web site is designed to get you the information you need so that when you call or stop by you will have a good idea of the services we provide including a refined knowledge of the protocol and regulations required when visiting the Sylvania Wilderness area.

Please take a look at our excellent menu choices that will make your camping experience even more enjoyable.
We now offer prepacked meals for 2 or 4 persons.

See the newest, highly detailed waterproof map of the Sylvania Wilderness area!

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Call us or stop in to get yours; this is the newest and best map
 of the Sylvania Wilderness Area... a must have!
Your cost... $7.00 which includes postage and tax.  Give us a call!


Our store carries Backpacker's Pantry products...
  Freeze-Dried Backpacking Food


You may print this table to assist in making your selections.
The aluminum canoes have keels.


13 ft. 50 lbs. - for 1 person
17 ft. 66 lbs. - The standard stable canoe


14ft. 6in. Vagabond - 43 pounds -  WE-NO-NAH solo
15 ft. Penobscot - 54 lbs. - a solo canoe
16 ft. Camper - 59 lbs. - new standard stable canoe
17 ft. Penobscot - 65 lbs. - a real cruising canoe
17 ft. Tripper - 80 lbs. - stable, bring the kids, too

We have several cruising canoes:

17 ft.  Quetico - 43 pounds - all kevlar
17 ft.  Quetico - 52 pounds - kevlar/duralite
18 ft. 6in. Quetico - 56 pounds - kevlar/duralite

16 ft.  Buffalo - 72 pounds Vagabond

14 ft. standard aluminum boat for 3 people


10 ft. 6 in. Dirigo - 46 pounds
13 ft. 8in. Loon - 54 pounds - Wide and roomy
13 ft. 8in. Loon - Tandem - 59 lbs. - adult and child;   adult and dog; two small adults
16 ft. Heron Sea Kayaks - 59 lbs. - with skirt (no rudder)11 ft. Spirit Sit-on-Top Kayak - For play
14 ft. 7in. Voyageur Sit-on-Top Kayak - For play
 9ft. 6in. Otter
10 ft. Aruba
12 ft. Dirigo

We have KAYAKS under 10 ft. for $20/day

(Subject to Change)

We regularly transport canoes and gear to the Clark Lake or Crooked Lake boat landing for $16.
Pick-up at the Bond Falls Flowage after Ontonagon River Trip is $25.00.
Pick-up and delivery to the Clearwater Lake and Thousand Island Lake boat landings; and to the Whitefish Lake Access is $25.00.

If you fly into the
Land O' Lakes, Wisconsin, Airport, we will pick you up and bring you back. 


A RENTAL DAY - is a calendar day with this exception:
 Gear can be returned the following morning by 9 a.m. sharp.

You may print this table to assist in making your selections

Price Per Day

Lake Canoes -
Aluminum or Royalex    $28/day

Kevlar/Duralight    $34/day
Kevlar                    $40/day
Includes: Paddles, life vests, yoke and foam car top carrier

River Canoe     $32/day  
Includes: Paddles, life vests, dry box, and foam car top carrier

138 and 138T Loon and Sit-on-Top Kayaks     $26/day    
Includes: paddle & life vest

Sea Kayak   $26/day    
Includes: paddle, skirt, life vest

We have KAYAKS under 10 ft. for $20/day

Rowboat    $28/day    
Includes: oars, life vests, anchor
Electric trolling motor/battery  $10/day

Canoe Seat Back Rest   $2/day

Eureka Timberline 4-person    $12/day
Eureka Timberline 6-person    $14/day

Sleeping Bag - Coleman 3lb.  $4/day

Foam Sleeping Pad    $1/day

Canoe Pack - Camptrails    $4/day

Dry Box - 2 ft. x 3 ft. x 16"    $4/day

Dry Bucket - 5 gallon     $1/day

Gas Stove - 2 Burner - Coleman    $4/day         

Lantern - Coleman    $4/day

Folding Chair  or Dining Fly    $3/day

Folding Table - 2 x 4 ft.    $3/day

Water Jug - 3 Gallon    $1/day

Hatchet or Bow Saw - Small   $1/day

Weekly Rates ...  (7TH DAY FREE)

The complete outfit includes all of the following: The cost is $48.00 per person, per day with food (does not include lunch).  $38.00 per person per day without food.  There is a 2-day minimum. The rate is based on 2 persons using a Lake Canoe (aluminum or Royalex). 
Please use the checklist below to indicate the quantity of items you will need.

Canoe, Kayak, or Rowboat
Eureka Timberline 4-person Tent or
Eureka Timberline 6-person Tent
Sleeping Bag - Coleman 3lb.
Foam Sleeping Pad
Canoe Pack... Camptrails; Dry Box - 2'x3'x16"
(2 fit in a canoe)
Gas Stove... 2 Burner Coleman

Coffee Pot
Bow Saw, sm.
First aid kit
Fuel - Coleman
Fry Pans (2)
Pots (3)
Life jackets
Water carrier

Can Opener
Nylon Cord
Dish cloth/soap
Paper Towels
Eating Utensil Set
Filet Knife
Fish scaler
SOS Pads
Toilet Paper

Freeze-dried food available.  Be sure to fill out the menu planner.  Fish Fixins, Salt, Pepper, Sugar & Cooking Oil included in Complete Outfitting Food Option



Sylvania Outfitters, Inc.
E23423 U.S. Hwy. 2
Watersmeet, MI 49969
Phone: 1-906-358-4766

1 mile west of Hwy 45 and US 2 intersection


SINGLE DAY TRIPS... through the SYLVANIA AREA and on the Ontonagon River.

The following information will help you plan a number of different single day trips in some truly beautiful surroundings. We will do everything we can to make your excursion through the local woods and waters a day you will always remember.



We rent kayaks for $26.00 per day and canoes for $28.00 to $40.00 per day for use in the Sylvania Tract.  Included in this fee are paddles, life vests, carrying yoke and foam car top carrier that fits almost any car.  We deliver and pick up canoes in Sylvania for $16.00.
 U. S. Forest Service park passes are $5.00 per car. We have 13, 15, 17 & 18 ft. canoe sizes.
  No styrofoam, cans or bottles are allowed!


Trip #1. Clark Lake to Loon Lake

Paddle around this crystal clear and largest lake in the Tract. No motor boats are allowed! See eagles and loons! There are isolated beaches along the north, south and middle of Clark Lake. The whole north end of Loon Lake is beach. On these lakes all bass caught have to be returned to the water without injury.


Trip #2. Crooked Lake to High Lake

Motor boats are allowed on this lake. Normal fishing rules apply. This is a very scenic and winding lake. Very short portages to beautiful clear blue High or Mountain Lakes.


The Ontonagon River is part of the Wild and Scenic River System.   We rent canoes and kayaks for these trips down the Ontonagon River.  Single sit-on-top Kayaks rent for $20 per day and double sit-on-top Kayaks rent for $26 per day.  River canoes rent for $32 per day.  These are special plastic watercraft that slide down rocky rapids with ease.
Included with the rental are the paddles and vests.
Transportation for up to 7 passengers is $30.


Trip #2. Watersmeet to Burned Dam

(Mex-i-mine Falls) This trip has five sets of rapids that require some skill.  Current is pretty good 2/3 of the way an then slows for 1 1/2  miles as the river widens out.  The river narrows and speeds up as Tamarack Creek enters. Your trip ends on the right above Mex-i-mine Falls at Burned Dam Campground and covers 10 miles. Minimum paddling time is 3 1/2 hours. Pickup is usually in 4 to 5 hours.


Trip #2T. Buck Lake Road to Tamarack Creek
NO RAPIDS.  Current will carry you along at a good clip for 3/5 of the way.   The river widens and the current slows for about 1 1/2 miles of paddling.   Tamarack Creek enters the river on your right at five miles.  You must turn and paddle up the creek to the bridge, about 100 yards, to the take out spot. 
Pick-up in 21/2 to 3 hours.


Trip #3. Burned Dam to Interior

No cabins along this beautiful downhill stretch. At least 7 rapids, one of which is quite long. Minimum paddling time is two hours. Pickup in 2 to 3 hours at the first bridge you come to. This spot is the old town site of Interior. Drop off and pickup for up to 7 passengers for this popular trip is $30.00.


Trip #4. Burned Dam to Bond Falls

Trip #3 is the first half of this trip. The current is still strong for quite a way down stream, then starts to slow down. Possibly pull over at a couple of tree trunks as you near Bond Falls Flowage. Big rocks appear suddenly. Pull off to the right side to scout this ledge rapids. Tricky. Consider portaging! Right after this is "Little Falls." Pull off on left to scout or Portage! Head Northwest across Bond Lake past 5 islands. Take out on right side of Main Dam. Below the dam is a small camp store with a telephone. Trip covers twelve miles, pickup is usually in 5 hours. For the more hardy! Spotting/pickup fee is $30.00

Commercial guiding services are not permitted within the Sylvania Wilderness.  For more information about these and other Canoe trips, please call Sylvania Outfitters!

Parents!  If your child is part of a group supervised by someone other than yourself, please see the

"We are here not only to rent you the equipment, but to be your base of operation,
your troubleshooter and your link to the Northwoods." 
Bob Zelinski - President, Sylvania Outfitters

Reservations for kayaks, canoes, boats and gear should always be made if possible!   Call us at Sylvania Outfitters... 906-358-4766

A deposit of $20 for each watercraft will hold your watercraft rental.   Upon arrival, the deposit will become your security deposit, refunded when you return the equipment after your trip.  A deposit of $100 is required for complete outfitting. Cancellation notice must be given 48 hours prior to your arrival for a deposit refund.
Important:  Reservations for campsites can only be made through the  website where you access Ottawa National Forest.

Open 7 days a week!   (1 Mile west of Hwy. 45)

8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Current and forecasts

Michigan Snow Depths
Local Radar

Sylvania Outfitters, Inc.
E23423 U.S. Hwy. 2
Watersmeet, MI 49969
Phone: 1-906-358-4766

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