Equipment Rentals

The average portage distance between lakes in Sylvania is 1/4 mile. Light weight canoes will make your trip more enjoyable. We have light weight canoes in aluminum, Royalex and Kevlar. Aluminum canoes have keels, Royalex canoes are quieter and tougher, and Kevlar are lighter and more fragile and are the Sylvania Wilderness standard canoe.

A deposit of $20 for each watercraft will hold your watercraft rental. Upon arrival, the deposit will become your security deposit, refunded when you return the equipment after your trip. A deposit of $100 is required for the complete outfitting package. Cancellation notice must be given 48 hours prior to your arrival for a deposit refund.

Parents! If your child is part of a group supervised by someone other than yourself, please see the
Kevlar - We-No-Nah Canoes
  • 14.5 ft. Vagabond - 30 lbs. - Solo
  • 16.6 ft. Prism - 30 lbs. - Solo
  • 17 ft. Encounter - 38 lbs. - Solo
  • 17 ft. Boundary Waters - 42 lbs.
  • 19.4 ft. Seneca - 55 lbs. (3 Seats)
  • 20 ft. Minnesota 3 - 55 lbs. (3 Seats)
Royalex - Old Town Canoes - Green
  • 14.5 ft. Vagabond - 43 lbs. - We-No-Nah Solo
  • 16 ft. Camper - 59 lbs.
  • 17 ft. Tripper - 80 lbs. - stable, for bringing the kids too
Aluminum Grumman Canoes (Limited Number)
  • 13 ft. 50 lbs. - for 1 person
  • 17 ft. 66 lbs. - The standard stable canoe
Royalex - River Canoes
  • 16 ft. - 72 lbs.
  • 12 ft. Kestrel - 38 lbs.
  • 12 ft. Old Town Kayaks - 50 lbs.
  • 11 ft. Crow Wing - sit on top
  • 13 ft. 8 in. Wide & roomy
  • 13 ft. 8 in. Tandem - 59 lbs. - two small adults
  • 15 ft. 3 in. Dirigo Tandem - 72 lbs.
  • 16 ft. Sea Kayaks - 59 lbs. - with skirt (no rudder)
  • 8 ft., 9 ft. 6 in. & 10 ft. Play Kayaks
  • 14 ft. - Standard Aluminum boat for 3 people
  • Zeveral - Carbon fiber, bent shaft
Trailers - 2" Ball
  • For Small Boat - 4, 8 and 10 place canoe/kayak
A Rental Day is a calendar day with these exceptions: Gear can be returned the following morning by 9am sharp. Weekly Rate - 7th day free. GROUP RATES ARE AVAILABLE.
Lake Canoes
Kevlar $45/per day
Older Kevlar $40/per day
19.4' & 20' Kevlar $48/per day
Aluminum or Royalex $32/per day
(All of the above includes Paddles, life vests, yoke and foam car top carrier)
Paddles - Carbon Fiber $5/per day
River Canoe $32/day
(Includes paddles, life vests, dry box, and foam car top carrier)
15 ft. Diringo Tandem $32/day
12 ft. Kestrel $36/day
12', 138 & 138T, 16' Sea $30/day
8', 9'6" & 10' $20/day
(All of the above kayaks include paddles & life vests)
Rowboat $32/day
(Includes: oars, life vests, anchor)
Electric trolling motor/battery $15/day
Canoe Seat Back Rest $3/day
Eureka Timberline 4-person $12/day
Eureka Timberline 6-person $14/day
Sleeping Bag - 3lb. $5/day
Foam Sleeping Pad $2/day
Canoe Pack $6/day
Dry Box - 2' x 3' x 16" $4/day
Gas Stove - 1 Burner, Propane $6/day
Gas Stove - 2 Burner, Propane $10/day
Lantern - Solar - Battery $5/day
Folding Chair $3/day
Dining Fly $3/day
Folding Table - 2 x 4 ft. $5/day
Water Jug - 2 Gallon $2/day
Hatchet and/or Bow Saw - Small $2/day
Bear Barrels - Big Blue $7/day
Complete Outfitting for your Sylvania Wilderness trip is available, and includes a selection of the folowing to get you everything you need. The cost is $62/per person per day with food (does not include lunch), and $50/per person per day without food.
(There is a 2 day minimum for complete outfitting)
There is an aditional charge of $6/per person to upgrade to a Kevlar canoe.
Below is a short list of some of the items available. Stop in or contact us to plan your trip and fill out a full checklist of the items you need.

Canoe, Kayak or Rowboat
Eureka Timberline 4 or 6 Person Tent
Sleeping Bag - 3 lb.
Foam Sleeping Pad
Canoe Pack
Dry Box -2' x 3' x 16" (2 fit in canoe)
Gas Stove - 1 or 2 Burner
Gas Stove Fuel
Life Jackets
Bear Barrel
Folding Table
Folding Chair
Dining Fly
Bow Saw sm.
First Aid Kit
Cook Kit
Coffee Pot
Fry Pans (2)
Pots (3)
Untensil Set
Filet Knife
Fish Scaler
Nylon Cord
Dish Cloth/Soap
SOS Pads
Paper Towels
Toilet Paper
Water Carrier

Meals & Menus

Fish Fixins, Salt, Pepper, Sugar & Cooking Oil are included in Complete Outfitting Food Option.
Our store carries Backpacker's Pantry products (Freeze-Dried Food)
Please contact us for latest menu options. Most meals include a main entree, side dish, and drink.
We regularly transport canoes and gear to the Clark Lake or Crooked Lake boat landing for $16.
Pick-up at the Bond Falls Flowage after Ontonagon River Trip is $30.
Pick-up and delivery to the Clearwater Lake and Thousand Island Lake boat landings; and to the Whitefish Lake Access is $20.
If you fly into the Land O' Lakes, Wisconsin Airport we will pick you up and bring you back. The fee is $30.
All fees listed above are subject to change. Stop in or contact us while planning your trip for full details and costs with equipment transportation.